Lisa Vortex Tunic

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Please find our recommended Laundry Instructions, as they appear on the products' labels.

  • Machine wash 30c max
  • Do not bleach
  • Low temperature ironing
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry wash)
  • We recommend turning the product inside out before washing.
  • We also recommend washing dark colors separately from light ones.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions when using washing powder or liquid. Do not use more than the recommended quantity.
  • When laundering by hand, mix and dissolve a small quantity of the washing powder or liquid in water before adding the items.
  • Dry the items inside out and in the shade. This will help preserve the color.
  • Deodorant – please use transparent deodorants that do not stain.
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Lisa tunic is pleasant and comfortable to wear for any purpose.
The cut is loose in the length of the hip cap and V-neckline.
Short sleeves and slits on the sides. A tunic for women made of thin and light fabric, perfect for the Israeli Summer.
We really like the combination of the Lisa tunic with each of our range of tights
In sizes XS-XL
The fabric in this product:
Fabric with a composition of 50% viscose 50% polyester cloth Light, airy, soft, and spilled On The body. Viscose She fiber natural like Silk, husband Mirror Glow. The combination With Polyester fiber donates For strength the cloth And for durability In the laundry Multiple, on Nose
The lightness, And delicacy his.
The wires The ingredients You the cloth Netwim In a vacuum Through Technology Vortex, the causative agent To fiber The thread To bind In the form Hermetic and
makes it a stable and quality felt alone.

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