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The Tate cardigan is designed for women with long puffy sleeves and a low-waisted zipped turtleneck. When you want to go out in the winter and not feel cold then the Tate cardigan is exactly the solution. The cardigan has diagonal side seams, pockets, a belt and wide cuffs made of rib fabric. The sporty look is designed to be light and fun. And you can wear it over a sports top, a tight lycra tank top or any basic shirt. And for those who want to combine the Potter pants with the Potter Tate cardigan, we recommend the Rylo pants that are also made of Potter fabric.
Measurements XS- XL

The fabric in this product
Potter fabric composition of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The fabric is thick with a soft, durable and especially pleasant touch to wear. The outer and inner fabric layer are made of high-quality cotton fibers. Between them is a layer of polyester that maintains the stability of the fabric and its resistance to washing. The inner layer of grated cotton, contributes to maintaining body heat in the winter season.

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