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About us

  • We are S.WEAR

  •  More than a brand, we are a community. Open to all, we address our products to any and everyone who expects a quality garment from a purchase. From leisurewear to timeless staples, our collection ensures you feel, look, and perform your best regardless of what you’re doing. At S.Wear, we promise garments that stand the test of time.

  • Product Quality

  • Ever since its foundation in 1992, S.Wear has been synonymous with quality. We believe that a well made garment can and should last a lifetime, and that is the only thing we intend to create. We produce and provide our community with clothing that is ‘worth it’, using only the finest materials like double-layered Supima Cotton, Gore-Tex®, and Lycra®. Our hands-on approach towards production guarantees unparalleled quality in every item.

  • The Company's Vision

  • S.Wear was founded on a vision and a set of strong principles. To us, Leisurewear and comfortable shouldn’t imply careless nor unflattering. Our vision is to offer simple yet exceptionally crafted pieces that ensure our customers look and feel their best. We wish to ensure that our buyers derive as much joy and satisfaction from our products as we do in making them.

  • General Background

  • S.wear Ltd. is a privately owned company operating since 1992 owned by Mr. Nissim Haham. Mr. Dror Lev is the C.E.O of the company. Recommended Laundry Instructions We produce our products using the most advanced technology and the finest fabrics. We want your clothes to look their best, and stay that way over time.

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